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Photo by Brandi Simons
My name is Christy and I love to paint! What's funny is I had never done any "decorative" painting until 1999 when I was pregnant with my first daughter. (In fact, the only painting I had done before that time was painting the walls in our first house WHITE! I cringe at the thought now! White walls?! What was I thinking?!) Anyway, I digress! So, I had in my mind what I wanted my daughter's nursery to look like and thought it would be more sentimental if I did it myself. So I painted her nursery and haven't put down my paintbrush since! I thank God for giving me the opportunity to paint and I pray that in so doing I will honor Him. (I will be updating each category as I paint new projects so be sure to check back soon!)

The following pictures are my portfolio, in a sense. You can either scroll through the pictures on this page or click on one of the following categories:

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